Your Vision And Mission Statement — Escape The Corporate Chain Gang!

Personal development based around a vision and mission statement can do amazing things in the lives of motivated people. They can choose to replace bad habits with good ones. Improve their relationships. Travel the world. Learn new languages. And even escape the corporate chain gang!

Of course this last one is not for everybody. Many people who set and attain career goals choose to do so within the structure of a job, career, paid employment. Call it what you will.

That is fine if it works for you. The purpose of this article however is to suggest that the logical conclusion to a systematic and passionate interest in personal development leads inexorably to levels of self-esteem and self-belief that only the creativity and risks of entrepreneurship can begin to satisfy.

And I am not referring to the “get rich quick” mentality that some self help snake-oil gurus are prone to peddle. Anyone I know who is committed to a personal development path knows and accepts that this is a lifetime journey. And like all journeys, there will be ups and downs. Wrong roads taken, detours made and potholes along the way.

Still, what sustains such solopreneurial business people is the joy of a journey willingly embarked upon and the knowledge that they are taking ownership of their ability to enjoy earning their livelihood. Now the money may suck and the hours be long before light is seen at the end of the tunnel. Be that as it may.

For these folks one of their most treasured maps takes the form of a vision and mission statement. The vision is a personal depiction of what life, love and happiness might be should their business dreams and desires come true. It is truly visionary and without obvious limits.

What grounds them to reality is the mission statement and the related strategies, objectives and goals that arise in response. The optimal mission statement is one that is a balance between personal / entrepreneurial drives and the needs of the market they are serving.

For a great example look no further than the corporate entity of

Their mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

And even though you may secretly doubt your desires to throw off the chains of corporate enslavement in the form of pension plans, medical insurance, bonuses and other sundry manacles – be of good faith. Once you decide to create your OWN vision and mission statements while still a productive and enthusiastic employee, there is a gradual weakening of the mental ties that bind you.

Every action, urgent request, panic and crisis in the corporate world becomes an opportunity to learn something about how you would handle similar problems in your own business. Viewed from that perspective it is mandatory for any prisoners of employment who are serious about breaking free from their cubicles to first create an inspiring vision and mission statement.

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