What Makes a Good Blueprint?

Blueprints are like what a map that is used to give directions to a final destination. If the map is not correct then it will not take you where you want to go, same for the blueprint. A bad blueprint will only create chaos for you due to poor instructions.

Looking at a blueprint for the first time can be can be very confusing and may seem a bit difficult to interpret. A good blueprint should be set in such a way that helps the one studying it an easy time to understand and figure it out. The guidelines and instructions provided should be arranged in a simple way to ensure one takes very little time to understand what is expected.

The first thing it should have is the title page that shows all the drawings that will be used to put the construction together and come up with the complete shed. Always make it a habit to study these drawings keenly so that you can know what is expected of you and how you will go about working step by step and in the right order. You will notice the drawings have symbols or abbreviations to guide you, learn what they stand for from the glossary provide in this title page.

A good blueprint is usually drawn to scale and the actual ratio should be indicated on each page so that you can work and plan out your materials with this in mind. The universal standard measurements are usually an 1/8 of an inch on paper should represent one foot of the required material.

It is also important for you to keenly look at the architectural drawings that are usually found among the first few pages. And they should be marked with a letter ‘A “then a number so that you can differentiate them from all the other drawings since they are usually classified differently to make work easier for you. The blueprint should also contain mechanical drawings, and are always marked with the letter “M” then a number. This shows how the plumbing will be like and how the pipes are expected to be fitted, and how the heating as well as the air conditioning will be done.

One cannot use and understand a blueprint without referring to the specifications manual commonly known as the spec book. This is where you will get all the information on which materials you can use and how the building should proceed. In order for one to work well with a blueprint they need to use the title page that contains the drawing plans together with the spec book as some important information is usually only found on the latter.

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