Skillful Writing and the Ability to Persuade – 3 Important Reasons for Writing Improvement

Skillful Writing and the Ability to Persuade

When asked to write an essay or a thesis, many students proceed to go through a lackluster writing process that immensely hinders them in three different ways. It was only at a later age that I learned the importance of writing, though wish I did earlier on. Here are some of the reasons as to why students should practice writing, consistently strive to get better at it and make writing expertise a priority.

1. Working with Clients At Your Job

In business, if you have lackluster writing skills, you are not going to get far in your career. Effective writing is a form of sales; it allows you to have leverage over others who are trying to persuade against you via their own thoughts on paper (or in today’s case email). These individuals trying to persuade against you come in the form of your business competition – those going after the same available accounts.

In about the last year or two, mass email software has popped its head out and has been implemented as a sales tool by organizations both big and small. These software solutions are very tricky in nature as they now have the programming to make the emails so customized that the recipients, until after a month or two of bombardment, don’t realize it. It took me a while to get accustomed to this. Being the sucker that I am, I used to answer a lot of the emails.

Therefore, once the various applications of the software becomes known to the decision maker within a company, most emails are going to be junked with little consideration to the contents of the document. That is, unless you quickly persuade otherwise.

Therefore, to be a good businessman or businesswoman, you have to have impeccable writing skills that capture the audience’s attention from the moment they lay eyes on the document. As a writer, when approaching a client or following up via a prior conversation, you have to produce an email that is well-formatted, well thought out and grammatically speaking, nothing short of perfect.

2. Pristine Writing is Key For Your Job Search

In the past few years, this country has seen unemployment rise and rise with no end in sight. Therefore, when going for a job, to put it frankly, the men and women are quickly separated from the boys and girls. If you approach a potential employer with an email that has grammatical flaws in it, seems to be not proofread or does not lay down a firm and compelling reason as to why this company should speak to you.

Additionally, when writing your resume, you want to be descriptive and include various verbs, adjectives and nouns that only a true professional would use in the course of a normal business day. Upon applying to the more esteemed companies such as Goldman Sachs, Google or Apple, a misspelling or misused semi-colon can cost you a truly great opportunity.

3. Pristine Writing Gives You a Second Shot at “No.”

Personally, I don’t accept “no” for a first answer anymore. My writing skills, through practice have allowed me to have this luxury. That is, if the opportunity, regardless of size or scope is of some importance to me. When you become a very good writer, the word tends to just vanish from your vocab. Put together, the words “no,” and “no,” are deterrents for further correspondence in any means because after you are denied two times from any particular opportunity, it is best to save face and move on.

If rejected twice, plainly stated, the recipient is just not interested. However, after being told “no,” if you, through your writing make a compelling case as to why you should get what you want in a manner that is concise, straight forward and which immediately captures the audience’s attention, you’re going to get what you are after more times than not.

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