Persuasive Words – Compel Your Readers To Take Action!

When writing a persuasive article, post, or of course sales page, squeeze page, or persuasive email, you want the reader to do one thing…right? To take the action you have set before them!

That action could be a visit to your blog, a sign-up to your list, or a sale of your product or service.

There are certain words that can be persuasive, or even compelling! Use these words and your writing will produce more of what you desire…the reader taking the action you have set before them.

Here is a list of powerful, persuasive words you should use when writing in order to convince your reader to take action:

easy, good, best, saved, guaranteed, proven, money, safe, new, improved, results, own, free, you, your, freedom, health, investment, love, discovery, safety, certified, peace of mind, financial security, imagine, hassle-free, renew, rekindle, reinvent, instantly, master, maximize, capture, conquer, define, convert, create, abolish, avoid, boost, build, burn, break, motivate, overcome, profit, shatter, simplify, solve, transform, unleash, win, ignite, generate, focus, because, fast, discount, limited

Whew, quite a list! There are of course many more power words that will help you write with persuasion, just read any sales copy you find, for even more ideas.

When writing a persuasive piece use as many of these persuasive words as you can fit in the flow of your writing. They shouldn’t sound awkward, or like they don’t belong. Your writing should always flow and sound natural…you know, like your talking to a friend or family member.

Persuasive writing is a skill you need to learn if you write to sell online. The difference between well written persuasive piece, and a poorly written piece can staggering (see how that power word fit right in;) in both readership, and results!

Learn how to write persuasively and learn how to write to sell, not just to tell!

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