MLA Format Research Paper Example

An MLA format research paper example is often a good way to show students and professional researchers alike what a good research paper is in the Modern Language Association format (MLA). A good MLA paper example has (1) one-inch margins, (2) double-spaced text, (3) appropriate labeling, and (4) correctly-spaced footnotes.

When a student writes his or her name on the paper, he or she should place their name, professor’s name, class, and date at the top right-hand side of the page. The title of the academic paper should be centered and two lines below the date. At the top left-hand side of the paper, the student should place his or her name, followed by the page number. The student can set up an automatically successive pagination on his or her computer so as to not worry about adding this feature to the document. The margins of the paper should be one inch all around the corners of the text itself. Even the spacing of the text relates to MLA format. A good MLA format research paper example has a good number of sources in its source collection; each source is spaced in a very nice distance from the other sources. The parenthetical citations of the paper itself should also be correct. The sources of the paper, as well as the text, should be double-spaced.

One of the benefits of an MLA format research paper example is that students can use it to gauge their own MLA-formatted papers. Often, it is easy to read formatting instructions and still remain confused as to what to format and how to format. A visual example of a properly-formatted paper may help students further grasp the word instructions provided. Another benefit of an MLA research paper example is that students can be encouraged that MLA-formatted papers are possible to write well. Contrary to what many students believe about research formats, it is possible to format research papers properly. Students can say to themselves while holding a paper example in hand, “If this anonymous individual can properly format a the paper using MLA style, so can I!”

For liberal arts and humanities students, the Modern Language Association (MLA) format research paper example is a clear guide to what professors of certain disciplines require as the standard research format. Perhaps someday, students of both liberal arts and humanities disciplines will themselves create an MLA paper example that will serve as the standard for other student research papers.

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