ITEC Beauty Therapy Exam Papers – Sample Questions

ITEC Beauty Therapy exam papers consists of 50 multiple choice questions and have a pass rate of 60%.

When you are doing a Beauty Therapy diploma you will have to take about 6 separate exam papers depending on how many subjects you are taking. The main subjects covered under ITEC Beauty Therapy are;

* Skin & Eye Treatments

* Waxing

* Make Up

* Manicure & Pedicure

* Facial Electrical

When you are revising for your ITEC Beauty Therapy exams you need to have a set of sample questions similar to those you would find on the ITEC exam papers. As the format of the exam is multiple choice questions then these would be the best type of questions to use for your revision.

Some examples are as follows:

01. Cleansing creams are;

a) Oil based emulsions

b) Water in oil emulsions – Answer

c) Oil in water solutions

d) Water based emulsions

02. What part of the hair can be seen above the skin’s surface?

a) Root

b) Shaft – Answer

c) Follicle

d) Bulb

03. Which type of skin tends to age more quickly?

a) White – Answer

b) Asian

c) Young

d) Black

04. Which one of the following is not an effect of using the negative pole on the skin?

a) Softens the skin

b) Stimulates nerve endings

c) Decreases circulation – Answer

d) Produces an alkaline reaction

Your revision plan should be structured and organised. If you write out your plan and hang it on the wall in front of your desk, this will make things more clear. Take a set of multiple choice questions daily and learn them over and over again. If you constantly use this method you will be very surprised at how quickly your knowledge on this subject grows.

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