Research Paper Format is Not Just a Guide But a Requirement

School work can bring the best and the worst out of a person. Since it is already hard why make it harder on yourself when you can make it easier by just following the requirements. For instance, the professor usually gives you the major assignments for the entire semester and one of them is a … Read More»

How to Write a Research Paper – Guide

Writing a research paper is kind of interesting as you dig into different interesting material to put in your paper. There various steps one has to follow in order to create a good research paper. Instructions 1. First, you should select a good topic. To build on the topic and thesis of your paper or … Read More»

12 iPad Apps to Help College Students Succeed

1) (Free) is a free dictionary app with over 1 million words and includes a thesaurus. There is no need to be connected to the internet as this app makes available offline. WIFI or 3G connections will allow you access additional features included phonetic and audio pronunciation. 2) Evernote (Free) Evernote helps … Read More»

Tips and Tricks – Effective Ways to Format Page Numbers

Have you ever tried to format page numbers and got so frustrated you felt like just slinging your computer off your desk? Formatting page numbers in Microsoft Word seems like a simple task, but there are instances where all of the pages within your document may not require a page number or the page numbers … Read More»

MLA Format Research Paper Example

An MLA format research paper example is often a good way to show students and professional researchers alike what a good research paper is in the Modern Language Association format (MLA). A good MLA paper example has (1) one-inch margins, (2) double-spaced text, (3) appropriate labeling, and (4) correctly-spaced footnotes. When a student writes his … Read More»

Annotated Bibliography in MLA Format


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What Is An Annotated Bibliography in MLA Format? An annotated bibliography in MLA format is a list of research sources with brief descriptions that are referenced in the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. Annotated bibliographies have each research source as a bibliographic entry, and contained within each entry is a paragraph or a few lines … Read More»

Writing Style and Formality


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Writing style comprises four characteristics: Formality Language complexity Objectivity, and Information depth. The purpose you are trying to accomplish, the readers’ needs, your relationship with the reader, and the type of document affect the style in which you write. Style is a strategy for effective writing, not a goal. In this article, we will address … Read More»

Business Plans Made Simple


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I have a friend and business partner who is probably the world’s foremost expert on buying businesses. Over the past 50 years he has bought somewhere around 200 (he’s lost count) businesses, and still going strong today. And one of the jokes he likes to make goes something like this: “There are three things people … Read More»

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