College Admission Essay – An Important Means of Seeking Admission

With more and more career opportunities available to students, there are a number of academic avenues also opening up. Students prefer to study abroad as it gives them a wide scope for improvement. One of the important part of seeking admissions is to write a college admission essay. Writing a college admission essay is different from a general essay. A few points to be kept in mind while writing a college admission essay are:

1. Be yourself: Your essay must contain information about yourself, but do not brag too much. Keep the content to the subject matter. Also, do not try to sound like someone you are not.

2. Humor: Though an admission essay must contain your academic and personal information, a little humor would be welcome. Try not to make fun of yourself, but a hint of humor can lighten up the mood.

3. Unique: Let the college know about your talent, apart from your interests and hobbies. You must showcase your leadership qualities/talent,which will make a difference in your essay. This is what will make you unique when compared to others.

4. Think out of the box: Be unique in the way you respond to a certain question. This is what will make you different. Your essay must be strong, not only in revealing yourself to the management, but also reveal that you are different from the others who apply and you deserve a place in their college.

5. Concentrate on a particular aspect while writing. If you start mixing words, it would loose its value, making you loose your chance to make an impression. Also, do not be vague in your thoughts, be specific with your idea.

6. Think, evaluate and make a note of the important points you would like to incorporate in your essay. Just don’t include points as fillers, it should have proper content.

7. The college admission essay must not be a general essay about yourself. You have to be very specific as to your ambitions.

8. As they say ‘too many people spoil the broth’, seek opinion from only a few people. Do not keep asking everyone for their opinion.

9. Check for spelling mistakes in your essay. There is nothing worse than simple spelling mistakes which takes a totally different meaning and ruin the true meaning and purpose of the essay.

10. Last but not the least, format and present your essay in a appropriate manner. Not only do they look good, but also enhance the value of your essay, giving you a better chance of admission.

College admission essay is very important since it decides if you can make your dream of studying in a particular college come true. So, be careful while writing the essay, do not over do it, stick to the point and be yourself.

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