Audience Analysis For Informative and Persuasive Speaking

Lets look at what it takes to become a persuasive speaker. Why persuasive, because those who are most successful in persuading others to their ideas, are the most successful in life.

Your presentation skills can be broken down into four categories, informing, entertaining, motivating/inspiring and persuading. A persuasive speaker is a leader in informative speaker is a teacher, which one are you.

Being a persuasive speaker, involves emotion, you’ve probably heard the old sales adage, A. I. D. A. which stands for attention how can you expect to persuade without getting the audiences attention.

Interest, you must speak on a topic that is interesting and relative to the audience you are trying to convey the message. Decision, in your presentation you must even evoke the motion that they must make a decision to change, whatever is not the way they want it to be.

And last but not least, action there must be a clear-cut way to act upon the information they have received, which will bring about the desired results. Also you must realize in becoming, a dynamic, persuasive speaker, you must utilize your imagination.

The great Albert Einstein said “imagination, is a greater force than knowledge.” Within your own psyche, or community of self, the willpower is the intended ruler, but can be hijacked, by the emotions or imagination.

When we are visualizing negative, fearful images, of failing we fail. Instead, visualize confident, persuasive, Images, and you will succeed. You will not change things by trying to force your will upon them. But you will set things right by visualizing and using your imagination, to evoke images of confidence and power.

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