Armed Robbery Vs Pen Robbery

He had a strong foreboding but decided he would spend sometime with the boys, have a few drinks and a tryst with Flora before going out on the night’s mission. They had made a big hit the night before: some bank, whose name was not even remembered, had been thoroughly cleaned out. The operation had left one of the members of the gang dead and all the security operatives on duty that night; three of them; dead too. Now they were far away from danger and all they are thinking about now is having a good time: wine, women, drugs and loud music. This is the way they spend the loot never caring from whence the next Naira will come. This is the way they show to those in power that they too had power.

Now Jude has been apprehended, mauled, convicted and sentenced to death for armed robbery and murder. The night’s rampage had ended up fatally and the game was up for a young man who would have been a responsible, successful and law abiding citizen but on whom the society had imposed a life of crime and vice because that was the kind of society he grew up to know and to survive in.

Those in power steal more and do more harm to society than does people like Jude but rather than treat them in the same fashion as they have done to Jude, they are lauded and given accolades as “fathers of modern Nigeria”, “elder statesmen”, “philanthropists”, etc. However, as the saying goes: “every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner”, we are seeing some justice being done in recent times in our dearly beloved but beleaguered nation. A lot of stinking skeletons in the cupboard of those who held sway in Nigerian politics in the immediate past and even the present administration are exposed almost on daily basis. Criminal Politicians (state Governors, Minsters, DGs and Perm. Secs are now under questioning by the EFCC (Economic and Financial crimes Commission).

We must face the ugly present squarely and ensure that the menace of corruption is decisively dealt with for anything to be achieved. Yet for all the recent developments we give thanks to the powers that be and sincerely believe that Justice will be done and that Nigerians will finally see the day when corruption will be a thing of the past and the future of Nigeria and the world will be a bright one.

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