5 Persuasive Writing Techniques To Remember When Writing Anything

Persuasive writing techniques have proven themselves invaluable in the course of history. They have been used to write speeches for campaigns, elections and appeals. They have been used by students begging for second chances, employees hoping to get pay raises, and volunteers asking for sizeable donations.

But how difficult is it to master these methods? In all honesty, persuasive writing techniques aren’t that hard to learn. Read on to find out more!

1) Start off on the right foot.

If you wish to write an effective and persuasive letter, you must know (above all) how to write correctly.

Grammar is always important and typos are unforgivable. This is especially important if you’re writing for an intelligent audience. Critics will always be there to study your work, so make sure it is flawless from the start.

2) Use the right words.

Some words are more persuasive than others. For example, instead of writing, “It is important that we save the bird sanctuary,” we should say, “It is critical that we save the bird sanctuary.” Bring in a sense of urgency using words that have more weight.

3) Put yourself in their shoes.

When it comes to persuasive writing techniques, it is key that you write with your audience in mind. You want to persuade others to act or think a certain way, so focus your article on what matters most to them and not what you deem personally important.

If by chance they coincide, then you shouldn’t have a hard time writing your persuasive article at all.

4) Cite reasons why.

People will always ask the question why. Why should we listen to you? Why should we buy this product? Why should you get our vote? Don’t just list down any reason you can think of. Omit those that don’t have as much significance as others.

Still using the same bird sanctuary example, don’t highlight the reason “because we must respect mother nature” in your campaign. Instead, highlight the reason “because the birds are an endangered species” instead.

5) Use respectable references.

One of the most important persuasive writing techniques you should remember is to use credible sources. Wikipedia, though informative, is not your best bet.

Look to academic and professional journals for help or interview someone who is certified to talk about your case. For example, if you’re still writing that bird sanctuary article, don’t include your best friend Benny in your list of references. Find a zoologist with a good reputation to back your findings. Credible sources make you more trustworthy and credible as well.

With these persuasive writing techniques, you’re sure to do really well in whatever you want to use them for. What else are you waiting for? Start writing!

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